What can we learn from this study and how will the findings be applied?

The LIFE-DCY research promotes an understanding of how important aspects of life quality and participation may intersect within different contexts and at different times. The theoretical understandings from this study may also help unpack various aspects of childhood disability in terms of knowledge and power. They enhance comprehension of how ideas about normality and childhood disability are constructed and maintained and how this may affect the lives and well-being of disabled children and youth.

In line with our transformative focus, an effort has been made to target political decision makers at various levels, such as by disseminating the findings to policy makers in Iceland and other Nordic countries, organizations for disabled children and families, practitioners, and other stakeholders. We have in particular emphasized ways to promote participation and remove barriers for disabled children and young people.

Findings of several of the studies within the research project have also been published in scientific journals. An overview can be found here.

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Research project funded by the Icelandic Research Fund (nr. 174299-051)