How will we conduct the study?

For the first part of the study we will use the statistical data from our previous study and complement this by new information collected among children with different types of impairments. These data will be obtained by using validated instruments such as the KIDSCREEN-27 and PEM-CY. We also include information about non-disabled children to be able to make the comparison. To analyse these data we use statistical techniques that give us a good idea about how the different groups are doing in their daily lives.

For the second part we will conduct case-studies based on interviews and observations with a selected number of disabled children. We will then thoroughly analyse these qualitative data. Because of the small number of participants in this part, we will be able to go into depth in the interviews and observations, which helps us to create a better understanding and to answer „why- questions“ about quality of life and participation. This method also creates many opportunities for the children and their parents to express their views and to place their own emphases.

Rannsóknin hefur hlotið samþykki Vísindasiðanefndar á Heilbrigðisvísindasviði (16-187).

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